SpiderMonkey Newsletter (Firefox 126-127)

Hello and welcome to our newest newsletter. As the northern hemisphere warms and the southern hemisphere cools, we write to talk about what’s happened in the world of SpiderMonkey in the Firefox 126-127 timeline.

🚀 Performance

Though Speedometer 3 has shipped, we cannot allow ourselves get lax with our performance. It’s important that SpiderMonkey be fast so Firefox can be fast!

🔦 Contributor Spotlight

This newsletter, we’d like to Spotlight Jonatan Klemets. In his own words,

A full-stack web developer by day and a low-level enthusiast by night who likes tinkering with compilers, emulators, and other low-level projects

Jonatan has been helping us for a few years now and has been the main force of late driving forwards our work on the Import Attributes proposal. Pushing this proposal forward has required jumping into many different parts of Firefox, and Jonatan has done really well, and we are very thankful for the effort he has put into working on the project.

⚡ Wasm

🕸️ Web Features Work

👷🏽‍♀️ Other Work